The Ann Arbor Chapter is guided by a national theme focused around Empowerment of our Youth Through Leadership Development, Cultural Heritage and Community Service. Our programming implements innovative and enriching opportunities to ensure that every child is provided the skills, social exposure and knowledge necessary to develop into exemplary leaders. We are committed to furthering the solid legacy of programming excellence set forth by Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

Passionate about its mission, Jack and Jill of America dedicates its resources to improving the quality of life for children, particularly African-American children. Each year, children participate in chapter programming and activities that are guided under a national theme in adherence to fulfillment of the organizational goals. Individual chapters embrace a plan of action geared toward a united commitment to address national initiatives, and social issues that affect our children.

National Perspective

Since Jack and Jill was founded in 1938 it has evolved into a strong national organization as a result of strong programming. Our Founder Marion Stubbs Thomas had a simple idea of bringing together children in social and cultural relationships and this idea evolved into a strong national organization. Our story of growth is one of amity and felicity. As new members are welcomed and new chapters are formed, the aims and details of Jack and Jill have strengthened, always with our children and civic service as the focal points.

Programmatic Goals

Chapter programs are primarily centered around leadership development, awareness of cultural heritage, and community service. To these ends, we have established mulit-faceted initiative such as STE’A’M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), the Healthy Living Initiative (centered on lifestyle improvements and healthy development) and various special projects with our national and local partners. The philosophy we embrace is one of holistic enrichment of our youth, and by extension, our communities.

Programming activities are driven by national directives. To learn more about our current programming thrusts, please visit

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