Community Service


The Ann Arbor Chapter’s programming activities support of the National Thrust for community stewardship and  “The Power to Make a Difference”.

Our children are taught that they are catalysts in their community for change and they make the community stronger when they positively participate and make a difference. 
Our youngest Jack and Jills participate in local events that support the community – ensuring that their commitment to contribute, matters,  for every life in our community and those ties remain strong. Our annual Beau/Debutante Ball recognizes our graduating seniors as well as other African-American high school seniors within the Ann Arbor metro area. These young adults are engaged in workshops focused on college preparation, social graces, fundraising and other modules designed to help them make a difference and believe in their power to do so on their journey into adulthood.  

PeaceNeighborhood Center

Our primary community partner is currently the “Peace Neighborhood Center”

For more information about how we support the community and initiatives, please send a note to